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Tinghir and the Oriantal

During our 20 years of experience in Morocco, we had known much in common, but we also had the pleasure to live a full of extraordinary experiences. 

For example, Tinghir. We live in this city and we know perfectly this beautiful region. Here is our "home base", the agency Suprateam Travel and Hotel Tombouctou.

Tinghir is an ideal starting point for countless discoveries, we know all the nooks and crannies and happy to advise you on all feasible activities. Visit - our site, you will be charmed.

the Oriantal

Oriental and its capital Oujda (which means fear in Arabic), was an eccentric and marginalized region to access the throne of His Majesty Mohammed VI. Today enormous progress has been made. For example evidenced modern olive groves Figuig plantations, a small town far from the modern world, practicing Christians alongside Muslims and the extraordinary journey on the train "Oriental Desert Express" or the Beni Guil, well known for its sheep farming.  Find out what Morocco between tradition and progress.

Around Tinghir

Tinghir worth staying there several days, you will not regret it.

Tinghir offers plenty of opportunity and boredom would have not the reason to be.

Firstly, the excellent cuisine in Tombouctou hotel or a meal in a Moroccan family, will enchant you. Or do you walk or stroll? The region is predestined with its paradisiacal oasis gardens and ancient Ksours. Are you interested in culture? A visit of an old mosque and Islamic school or a getaway in the old pottery village of El Hard, will fascinate you. Here time has stopped and you can see the potters work as there 500 years. Or would you prefer to relax, rest ,clear your head and relax?

Let yourself be charmed, visit us. We would be very happy to welcome you.

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