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Today's Morocco

Today's Morocco


Morocco is an Arabic country in the North of Africa, simply means that Arabic is the official language of the state, shared with officialdom Berber according to the new constitution of 2011. The religion of state is Islam.

However, it should not be confused with the Muslim with Arabs (only a fifth of Muslims speak Arabic World) and must not imagine the Arab countries, which only share a language and culture, as a social or political bloc exposed to the same phenomena of protest or rebellion.

Do not confuse Islam (religion practiced by all Muslims of all political trend) with Islamism,which is an ideology that seeks to Muslims solutions to current social problems from sacred texts and won followers in several countries because of lack of response from mainstream parties to face socio-economic degradation. And it takes even less confusing Islam with terrorism, the method which had resource at different times in world history organizations of any sign, from extreme left to extreme right.

Morocco is a relatively stable country from a social point of view due to the presence of a growing middle class,the scholarships poverty have not completely disappeared, but they are each less important. It is also the policy through the moderating role of the King, which is at the same time the religious leader and the captain of the army general. Very different forces involved power with departmental chairs and recent years have seen a socialist Prime Minister, followed by a Prime Minister of the Istiqlal (Conservative Nationalist Party) and Prime Minister of the PJD (Party of Justice and Development party of Islamic standards.). The latter is often called  the islamist by the  press, though its program does not speak about Islam. It mainly just proposes measures for the development and against corruption in the public administration.

Source: Mr R. Mimo, Writer and PdG  Hotel Tombouctou Tinghir

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