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The old mosque Lalla Baytou Allah

The old mosque Lalla Baytou Allah

In Ait Rahal near from Akka (between Tata and Guelmim), the Minaret, dated of the period of the Almoravide (XIth century), of the old mosque "Lalla Baytou Allah" from the kasbah of Agadir Amghar is renovation works.

The restoration works of the mosque " Lalla Baytou Allah " from Agadir Amghar, under the supervision of the architect Salima Naji, began on February 2012 thanks international partnership, uniting the Department of Cultural heritage (Ministry of Culture of Morocco), the Commune of Sidi Abdellah Ben Mbarek and the CISS (Cooperazione Internazionale Sud-Sud). This operational phase began with a meticulous historic and archaeological work of data collection and they should reveal historic information of first importance for the local, regional and national history. Akka is known as one of the political and religious poles, a few kilometers from Tamdoult, a place with big metal mines and important place for the Trans-Sahara caravans.
Later, the mosque of Agadir Amghar should be classified as national heritage by a joint action of the Heritage Department Cultural, the municipality and the association Al Agaya for the solidarity and the social development.

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